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09 24, 2018
Welcome to the GTA5 Conqueror Menu

--------------------------------------------- Tutorial: --- ------------------------------------------​

*System support: Windows 10 system Windows 7 system (recommended Windows 10 system)

*Note: Please close or exit any anti-virus software before using

*After launching "Conqueror Menu", enter the user name and password of the GTA Ares forum account activated by the redeemed key (if you do not activate your GTA Ares forum account with the key, the login will fail), please do not use the username Fill in the mailbox

*Click "Install Menu" in "Conqueror Menu"

*After running the game, you need to set some necessary settings, please click "Settings"-"Set the image to be windowed without borders" If you don't do this, it may cause a crash

*After running the game, please click the Inject Menu after seeing your game character, and then return to the game. Don't stay in the pause setting interface, otherwise it will cause login failure. If you cannot log in normally, please see the following FAQ

*Menu button:
F8: Open and hide menu
8-2-4-6: Up and down plus or minus, 0: Return, 5: Enable and disable,
F5- Teleport navigation point
F6 quickly enable all protection
F7 quickly closes all protection
Delete[Del]-uninstall the conqueror run
Insert [Ins]-emergency exit online mode

--------------------------------------------- FAQ: --- ------------------------------------------​

*Regarding why I didn't change my computer and couldn't log in to the menu: When you upgrade or replace your computer system or hardware, the HWID of your computer will change, so you need to wait for the server to automatically reset the HWID to continue using it!

*Random crashes that may result: If you install NVIDIA's "NVIDIA GeForce Experian" program, you need to turn off the "Game Overlay" function (this is our common recording function by pressing Alt Z), you must turn it off, otherwise the menu crash rate may be Very high.

*If injecting the menu causes a crash, please check if there are other menu Dll files in the Grand Theft Auto V catalog file, please delete the DLL files of other menus
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