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09 24, 2018
Welcome to the Conqueror menu! Please be sure to read this manual carefully! Thank you!

---------------------------------------------Tutorial--- ------------------------------------------

System support: support win10 system support win7 system (recommended win10 system use this menu)|

1.- After launching the Conqueror menu, enter the location where the redemption button is completed in the forum account (if the redemption button has not been completed, the login menu will fail)! Please note! Use the forum account to fill in your forum username instead of filling out the email!

2. Clicking on the "Install Conqueror Menu" installation process in the "Conqueror Menu" launcher may take some time!

2.- After running the GTA V game, remember to click Settings - Image - Screen Type - Change to Borderless Window Mode or Window Mode in the game selection interface, then click Apply! Full screen mode may result in no menus or even crashes! It is recommended to use the same borderless window mode as full screen mode.

2. - Start GTA V and complete the injection menu in <Story Game Mode> or <Online Mode>. If the <Online Mode> Inject Menu fails, please inject the menu in <Story Game Mode>. Loading takes 10 seconds, and there may be FPS drop frames during the loading process. )

4.- How to change the machine: Our menu is bound to the HWID of the computer, so you can't use it on both computers at the same time! The server will automatically reset your HWID every 12 hours! You can reset the HWID immediately, and after the server is automatically reset, you can log in to the new computer! A successful login menu will prove that the HWID has been reset

5.If you encounter any problems, please find help on the forum website, or contact the dealer! If you encounter any dealer issues, please contact us through the forum website

---------------------------------------------Menu Control:-- -------------------------------------------

F8 opens and hides the menu, 8246 controls up, down, left, right plus and minus, 5 determines and cancels, 0 returns to the previous menu, F5 transfers to the navigation point?​
Not open for further replies丨不接受进一步回复