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    Tutorial(教程) Purchase Conqueror Menu Tutorial

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    Purchase Conqueror Menu Tutorial
    Important: You must read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing. By continuing to purchase or use our website, you will agree to these terms and conditions.

    A. First, you need to sign up for an account:
    • First of all, you need to register a forum account on this website! Please note that the username and password at the time of registration do not use Chinese, punctuation, spaces, only English and numeric usernames and passwords.
    • After registration is complete, you may need to verify your email! If you have not received the verification email, please click Resend Email Verification or check the spam found!
    B. How to buy the Conqueror Menu:
    • The Conqueror Menu key Code has three types, which are divided into: “Premium” and “VIP” and "Upgrade VIP". Please purchase the appropriate Conqueror Menu Key Code according to your needs. You can purchase the Conqueror Menu key Code from an authorized reseller designated by the forum.
    • You can find the right dealer for you in the list of authorized dealers. The price of each dealer is different from the payment method. Please select the appropriate dealer to purchase the Conqueror Menu Key Code according to your payment method.
    • After purchasing from the dealer and obtaining the Conqueror Menu Key Code, you must use the Conqueror Menu Key Code to Redeem the Conqueror Menu Key Code in our forum so that your forum account is authorized to access the Conqueror menu.
    • After Redeem the Conqueror Menu key Code, you can download the Conqueror Menu and the Login Conqueror Menu, “Discord Server”. All hidden content specified by the forum is open to you, and the forum chat room is open to you.
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