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    Join us to Maintain GTA V Online Peace, we are not Saboteurs, we are just GTA V Online Peace Conqueror

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    Conqueror Menu1.3.8.3 Update-征服者辅助1.3.8.3版本更新倒计时

    We will be releasing updates to the Conqueror menu at any time during the countdown. please pay attention to the forum conqueror menu update announcement.丨我们将在倒计时期间内随时提前发布征服者辅助1.3.8.3更新,征服者新纪元版,经测试能够轻松崩溃所有辅助与防止所有辅助恶意攻击,敬请期待!
    欢迎仙友回归征服者新纪元!征服者1.3.8.3已经圆满更新完毕,开始下载征服者新纪元版迎接和平征服!征服者完全防御一切致命攻击并且能够轻松崩溃所有辅助除了征服者,我们只是战局维护和平的征服者!(The Conqueror menu has been updated to start your carnival.)


    Chat room rules


    1. 不得发布任何与国家政治,种族歧视的相关信息!
    2. 不得发布任何有GTA战神的,恶意,虚假,污蔑,报复,造谣,等相关信息!
    3. 不得发布任何诈骗,虚假,诱骗,病毒文件,等相关信息!
    4. 不得发布任何与我们无关的广告,辅助,网址,与色情网站,等相关信息!
    5. 不得发布任何转售辅助,分享辅助,等相关信息!

    1. 不得恶意刷聊天室,刷回复,刷图,刷链接,瞎提交垃圾信息!
    2. 不得恶意骚扰与辱骂其他用户
    3. 不得讨论其他与我们无关的辅助或链接!
    4. 不得恶意回复其他傻逼答案与误导其他用户!
    5. 不得起哄与制造事端
    6. 不得发布和回复黄色图片或视频,恶心图片或视频,恐怖图片或视频
    7. 不得对管理或工作人员恶意羞辱,辱骂,或不尊重
    8. 不得在支持聊天室聊天室恶意申述辩解或辱骂羞辱的行为!
    9. 中国用户不得在 "英语聊天室"发送任何信息!除非你很懂英语并且是帮助国外用户的,否则后果很严重!
    English chat rules

    A. Violation of the following rules will directly reset the deletion information and prevent the IP from entering the website and prohibit the suspension of the forum account:
    1. Do not post any information related to national political or racial discrimination!
    2. Don't post any information about GTA战神 and GTA Ares, malicious, fake, dirty, revenge, rumors, etc!
    3. Don't post any scams, lies, scams, virus files, etc!
    4. Don't post any ads that are not related to us, AIDS, urls, porn sites, etc.!
    5. Don't post any resale assistance, share assistance and other relevant information!

    B. Violation of the following rules will directly reset the deletion information, and prohibit the account from continuing to enter the chat room or speak within the specified time:
    1. Don't maliciously brush chat rooms, reply, swipe maps, swipe links, and submit spam!
    2. Don't maliciously harass and abuse other users
    3. Don't discuss other aids or links that aren't relevant to us!
    4. Don't maliciously reply to other stupid answers and mislead other users!
    5. No shackles and manufacturing accidents
    6. Don't post and reply yellow pictures or videos, disgusting pictures or videos, horror pictures or videos
    7. No humiliation, insult or disrespect to management or employees
    8. Don't maliciously complain about excuses or insults in chat room chat rooms!
    9. Chinese users are not allowed to send any information in the "Chinese chat room"! Unless you are familiar with English and help foreign users, the consequences are very serious!